Our waterjets help us stay ahead of the competition.

Using a tilting head we can eliminate taper that other waterjets produce during the cutting process. This allows for faster cutting and more accurate parts.







Multi-Axis Cutting

Our newer addition is a software-controlled, multi-axis cutting waterjet permitting the flexibility to cut angles to a maximum of 60° off the vertical. Common cutting include countersinks and bevels. This is especially helpful when the material is extremely hard or the parts are very large and machining would be difficult.






Cutting Area

168” in the X and 80” in the Y direction.
Cutting thickness from 0.005” to 10” thick

Cutting Accuracy ± 0.005"


• Aluminum
• Gasket materials
• Ceramics
• Laminates
• Composites
• Fiberglass
• Copper
• Glass
• Polycarbonate
• Rubber
• All grades of steel
• Granite



• Titanium
• Marble
• Plastics
• Brass
• Foam
• Inconel
• Carbon Fiber
• Kevlar
• Phenolics
• Nylon
• Wood
• Acrylic
• Bullet-proof glass
• Ceramic




WCSI can use a wide range of CAD files including .dxf, .dwg, .iges, and .NC. We can take faxes or emails and create the needed CAD files. If there are no drawings we can still take a sample part or a concept and turn it into a precision waterjet part.