Waterjet Cutting Solutions has produced thousands of components and parts for a large variety of industries. Our quality, knowledge, and experience are the very best, and we’re confident that we can skillfully complete each project regardless of the design simplicity or intricacy. Common industries in which WCSI has worked in include Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Architectural, and Military. Examples of the industries, projects, and capabilities are shown below.


Medical tools, implant devices, and other medical components are a perfect fit for waterjet cutting.  The cold cutting process that the waterjet offers will not distort or create heat-affected areas on the parts, which is critical to the integrity and accuracy of medical components.  Parts can often be cut to the exact finish size or very close to the net shape for further machining. Titanium, stainless steel, tantalum, and silicone are just some of the materials easily cut with a waterjet.


Industrial applications for waterjets are virtually limitless.  Manufacturing, agriculture, construction, environmental, and food processing are just a few of our day to day customer segments.  Not only do waterjet cutting services stand alone, but they also compliment many other industrial services. Industrial customers like, EDM, laser, and job shops benefit from the collaboration of waterjet services. An example is an EDM machine where the waterjet steps in to cut conductive and non-conductive materials. Our cutting experience is vast and includes plastic for automotive use, abrasion resistant steel for mining, nextrema® for fire places or high performance ovens, and even paper lettering on signs.
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WCSI has been producing aerospace parts since we opened our doors.  Our services have helped launch companies to become some of the largest suppliers in the field.  Our commonly used materials are various types of aluminum, inconel, hastalloy, and titanium.  Since waterjet is a cold cutting process and involves no heat it is perfect for manufacturing parts for stressful environments such as air travel and space.


At WCSI we work with artists and studios to create works of art and we enjoy the challenge of taking the creative architectural ideas and bringing them to life.  Clients have used our waterjet cutting services for flooring, countertops, glass, signage, and custom décor.  We have the ability to accommodate big and small projects, such as cutting small glass and tile for showers or large panels for sun control on sides of buildings. The architectural possibilities for waterjet cutting are almost limitless.
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  • Carpet for an elementary school
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  • Arch Flooring 1_copy
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  • Logo cut out of VCT tile 2
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Waterjet Cutting Solutions provides an invaluable service to the military industry since our waterjets are capable of cutting armor plating or other materials that may be difficult to machine. We understand the need for immediate turnaround service so we work hard with our vendors to keep lead times short.  The most common materials that we have cut for our military industry customers are titanium, AR-500, ballistic rubber, and bullet proof glass.


From one part to many, WCSI works with our customers to provide innovative solutions. Our work with custom parts has been so unique and has included items like robotic components, jewelry, park signage, and shower tiles. We have cut hundreds of thousands of carbon fiber parts for recreation to a one-time emergency gasket to get machines up and running. Our micro nozzle allows your tiny parts, sign displays, and custom fonts to come to reality.
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