Waterjet cutting is a perfect fit for the aerospace industry. Composites, titanium, or aluminum are easily cut with waterjets. Because waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process it does not affect the properties of the material.


Military cutting- armor plating or other materials that may be difficult to machine
Medical cutting- titanium parts, carbon fiber components
Job shops- blanking out parts before they are machined, quickly cut parts to shape
Laser shops- waterjets can cut thicker materials or reflective materials where lasers may have problems
EDM shops- may make use of waterjet to cut conductive and non conductive material
Electrical- custom designs for panels or interface devices, cutting enclosures or control panels



The architectural possibilities are almost limitless!
Carpet, linoleum, wood, and marble for flooring
Granite or tiles for countertops
Glass cutting or etching
Signs, lettering, or address for companies


Over 7 years experience in waterjet cutting.

We update our software multiple times a year allowing us to offer the latest advancements in waterjet technology. We can cut faster and more efficiently than most other waterjet companies by using our taper compensating head.  Your parts will be more accurate for the same price. 

  • Cost is less vs. other conventional cutting methods
  • Can cut almost any material
  • No heat affected zone
  • Leaves very little or no burr at all
  • Can cut materials from 0.005" to 10" thick
  • Great for etching part numbers or for artistic design
  • Eliminates many secondary operations
  • Quick turnaround
  • Capable of accepting a wide range of geometry files
  • Excellent nesting capabilities to maximize material usage
  • Accuracy ±0.005
  • No pilot holes needed
  • Great for prototype work
  • Cut angles up to 60 degrees allowing for beveled edges and countersinks

WCSI accommodates jobs from one part to thousands of parts.